Urządzenia spawalnicze

Welding Machines

3 lines of welding devices, for welding aluminium, alloy and stainless steel

Key Features


MIG/MAG inverter, MMA inverter, TIG/AC-DC inverter, auto-darkening helmets, electrodes, welding wire, clamps, etc.


Welding Machines for aluminium, stainless and alloy steels.


Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use,


Recommended Tools

Handy, Convenient, Reliable

Spawarka Adler MMA/TIG-245 SYNERGIC 245A

Adler MMA/TIG-245 SYNERGIC 245A Welding Machi

Multi-functional, compact and efficient device, welding sheets between 0.5-9mm.

Elektroniczna spawarka Tig AC DC 201 Pulse

Adler TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE Inverter Welding Machine

Professional device for industrial use. Welds various materials: carbon, stainless and alloy steels, titan, aluminium, magnesium, copper, etc.

Półautomat spawalniczy Adler INMIG-257

Adler INMIG-257 Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

3-phase professional device with stepless regulation of voltage, wire feeding, weld width and depth. 2 LCD displays allow to control welding parameters.

Przyłbica samościemniająca LIDER-850T

LIDER-850T Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Face protection against splatters, sparks, radiation. For arc welding, plasma cutting, welding, grinding, etc.

Advantages of Adler Welding Machines

Adler make welding comfortable and efficient

Spawalnictwo Zalety

MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG welding

3 Lines of welding devices, for welding aluminium, alloy and stainless steel


Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use,

High quality

Electronic welding parameter adjustment results in high quality weld


Wide range of accessories and consummables

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No matter the branch, our tools make work more pleasant and efficient.

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Using Adler tools, you can do all you wish, in any workshop. Professionals and hobbyists have a few hundred tools and accessories to choose from. They can cut, weld, pump, inflate, drill, polish and screw. All thanks to our ergonomic, durable, and efficient devices. Our team has developed the Adler range to customise the offer for each branch. We continuously search for new solutions, follow development of technologies and test prototypes. This is to strengthen users’ trust to Adler tools.

Construction Workers

You can find Adler tools on construction sites too. When the time, weather and pace matters, the electric power, compressed air supply, durable tools and flexible hoses are critical. Our devices can withstand the toughest conditions – dust, humidity, sturdy materials and tough surfaces. There is no time to play nice on site.

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Farmers appreciate the reliability of Adler tools and we appreciate farmers’ skills. We carefully listen to their opinions as our guidelines for development and constantly adhere to the needs of agriculture. We support farmers’ efforts to get funding for Adler tools: air compressors, power generators, starters and boosters and pneumatic tools. Now we are developing a new line of garden tools. We are participating in exhibitions and shows because we value face-to-face contact with customers and end-users of our tools.


The tools are helpful for not only professionals, but for outdoor leisure and hobbies too.

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Precise tools guarantee success where accuracy is a crucial element. A wide range of airbrushes and accessories will satisfy the most demanding model-makers.

Użytkownicy Turyści


Proper equipment is the foundation of every successful expedition. Adler power generators, power banks and other devices will make your leisure time free of worries and troubles

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