Kto używa naszych narzędzi hobbyści

Tools for Hobbies

Precision half-way to success. Wide range of airbrushes and accessories for most demanding model-makers.

Clear and Safe Pleasure

We offer tools and devices not only helping in professional work, but also allowing fulfilment of passions and hobbies. Spray-painting with precise airbrushes help to coat even finest elements. Wide range of accessories make painting easy. Low-noise mini compressors, mini spray-booth, mini sanding gun, holders and stands, kit of knives, cleaners, stirs, needles and cleaning cups make model-making a pure pleasure.

Aerografy Dla Artystów


Airbrushes and accessories for beginners and advanced model-makers, artists and others.

Aerografy Dla Hobbystów


Compressors, single and double-function airbrushes, stands, holders, cleaning kits, knives and mini sanding gun.

Try our tools

AD-7790 Aerograf dwufunkcyjny

AD-7790 Double-Action Airbrush

AD-7650 Zestaw nożyków modelarskich

AD-7650 Knife Kit

AD-7603 Zestaw do czyszczenia aerografów

AD-7603 Airbrush Cleaning Kit

AD-7000 Mini kabina lakiernicza
Mini spray booth

AD-7000 Mini Spray Booth

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