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Dlaczego Adler

Why Adler

Transparent business rules have helped us create the most profitable offer.

Podejście do biznesu

Business Approach

Complex Solutions

We provide lines and systems, that allow customers take full advantage of Adler tools.


We care about upgrading of existing products by integrating new technologies in accordance with market trends and customers’ expectations.

Reliability and Honesty

We ensure financial security to our customers and operation safety to end-users.


Value for Customers

Fast Execution of the Order

We know that our customers’ business depends on our tools, so it takes only 24hr to deliver them door-to-door.

Price and Quality

Thanks to innovations and trustworthy partners, we can offer high-quality products at a very attractive price.

Short Reaction Time

We consider customers’ needs or problems critical so we treat them with due regard and immediate solution.

Wartość dla klienta
Atrakcyjna oferta

Attractive Offer

Wide Assortment

We offer a wide variety of tools and devices, thus we can customize them to customer’ special needs or demands.

Tailored Offer

Each customer is individually treated. We thoroughly examine his needs and design an offer accordingly.


Thanks to long-term contracts and flow of goods, we ensure the products’ availability and their immediate supply.

What Makes Us Different

Our priority is long-term cooperation and customer satisfaction. We do our best to produce easy-to-use and low-maintenance tools.



We support customers in the designing and settings of tool systems to make them the most efficient and the most comfortable.



In emergencies, we do our best to minimize the impact on tools and systems’ performance.


Spare Parts

Our products are designed for a long life-span. This is why we provide a complete spare part catalogue years after a purchase.

Hours For Complaint Handling Procedures
Min. of Reaction for a Customer Contact Request
Hrs for Door-to-Door Delivery
1 %
of EU Norms Compliance

Let's Work Together

Contact us, and we will answer your questions, clear up any doubts and suggest the best options. 

Użytkownicy Turyści

Devices for Tourists

Proper equipment is the foundation of every successful expedition. Adler power generators, power banks and other devices will make your leisure time free of worries and troubles

Don't Lose Your Power

Power generators are very useful when travelling and camping. Anywhere without electric power supply, generators provide basic comfort of lighting, cooking, troubleshooting and charging. Compact, easy-to-operate, low-noise, low CO2 emission make them useful outdoors.

Ta wyprawa ma moc


How to make vacations independent of electric supply? Adler generators are the answer – versatile, easy-to-use, compact, lightweight, with stable voltage.

Narzędzia Adler dla turystów

Key Features

High quality, low CO2 emission, compliant with EURO 5 Norm; DC 12V/4A socket for e.g. portable fridge and two USB 5V/1A i 5V/2,1A ports for charging.

Kto używa naszych narzędzi hobbyści

Tools for Hobbies

Precision half-way to success. Wide range of airbrushes and accessories for most demanding model-makers.

Clear and Safe Pleasure

We offer tools and devices not only helping in professional work, but also allowing fulfilment of passions and hobbies. Spray-painting with precise airbrushes help to coat even finest elements. Wide range of accessories make painting easy. Low-noise mini compressors, mini spray-booth, mini sanding gun, holders and stands, kit of knives, cleaners, stirs, needles and cleaning cups make model-making a pure pleasure.

Aerografy Dla Artystów


Airbrushes and accessories for beginners and advanced model-makers, artists and others.

Aerografy Dla Hobbystów


Compressors, single and double-function airbrushes, stands, holders, cleaning kits, knives and mini sanding gun.

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