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Manufactured from high quality and durable materials.


Keep initial parameters


Excellent performance when exposed to the toughest working conditions.


They are comfortable and easy-to-use even for non-experienced operators.

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Each customer is individually treated and receives customized product recommendation.

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Every problem or need is solved with adequate attention and without any delay.

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We are fully aware that any breakdown affects customers’ business. We do our best to shorten repair time to a minimum.

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Thanks to innovative solutions and trustworthy partners, we can offer high quality products at competitive prices.

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Selected Adler Products

Over 3,000 products and tools, in 8 categories. Any professional will find suitable gear that will make his work comfortable and easy.

Power Generators

Power Generator

Invertor Power Generator with Mini_power 400

Power Generator

Invertor Power Generator AD-7000S

Power Generator

Power Generator AD-688S 6,8kW



AD-7790 Double-Action Airbrush


AD-7650 Airbrush Knives Kit

Cleaning Kit

AD-7603 Airbrush Cleaning Kit


AD-7000 Mini Booth


AD-5000 Mini-Compressor with Tank

Welding Machines

Spawarka Adler MMA/TIG-245 SYNERGIC 245A
Welding Machine

MMA/TIG-245 SYNERGIC 245A Welding Machine

Elektroniczna spawarka Tig AC DC 201 Pulse
Welding Machine

Adler TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE Welding Machine

Półautomat spawalniczy Adler INMIG-257
Semi-Automatic Welding Device

INMIG-257 Semi-Automatic Welding Device

Przyłbica samościemniająca LIDER-850T
Welding Accessories

LIDER-850T Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet



AD 348-100-3 Double Cylinder/Single Stage Piston Compressor

Impact Wrench

AD-1806 Impact Wrench - 1/2"

Air Guns

AD-24Z Air Gun Kit - 9 Elements


Brass Adler 3/8"F Quick-coupling

Charging Devices


Digital Charger with Jump-Start Function DIGITAL START 300



Multi-function Car Starters


Cordless Power Tools

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench ADLER 1000Nm AKU-1000K

Cordless Impact Drill

ADLER AKU-1700W Cordless Impact Drill

Cordless Angle Grinders

ADLER AKU-125S Cordless Angle Grinders


Welding Machines

GIGANT MMA-200 200A + GIGANT-350S Kit

Impact Wrench

1/2" GT-001 Impact+ Ratchet Wrench

Sanding Gun

Gigant GT-06 Sanding Gun

Spray Gun

Gigant GT-828 HVLP Spray Gun

Hand Tools and Others

Tool Cabinet

Tool Cabinet 217 Elements

Wrench Kits

Wrench Kits 1/4"+3/8"+1/2", 150 elements


Impact Sockets 1/2", 35 elements, AD-35KD

Hose Reel

Adler Industrial Hose Reel 13,5x9,5mm/15m, AD-1315i

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